This podcast from MLT Digital, presented by Stephen Moore, explores the reasons for law firm success with those who have done it, are doing it or are helping law firms do it.

Presented by Stephen Moore, the Your Law Firm Success® Podcast is dedicated to helping you understand the levers you can pull to build the firm of your dreams.

Stephen speaks with those who have done it, those who are doing it and those who help law firms succeed. In each episode, Stephen sits down with industry experts, successful lawyers, consultants, and suppliers to delve into the drivers of law firm success. 

Through engaging conversations, we explore the mistakes to avoid, best practices to implement, and the future of legal services. Whether you’re seeking practical tips to streamline your operations, innovative strategies to attract clients, or guidance on cultivating a positive work culture, Your Law Firm Success® has you covered. 

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Episode 9 - Joy Kinglsey

In this episode, Stephen speaks to Joy Kingsley, Managing Partner of JMW Solicitors, to discuss the importance of strategic hiring for law firm growth.


Episode 8 - Ruth Croman

In this episode, Stephen speaks with Ruth Croman, Managing Partner of Macnabs to discuss female talent in the legal sector.


Episode 7 - Andy Poole

In this episode, Stephen speaks with Andy Poole, COO and Head of Legal of Armstrong Watson to outline his strategy for law firm success.


Episode 6 - Catherine Hyde

In this episode, Stephen speaks with Catherine Hyde, Managing Director and Solicitor of Hooper Hyde about building a purpose driven law firm whilst developing relationships.


Episode 5 - Murray Mathieson

In this episode, Stephen speaks with Murray Mathieson of Positively Legal and discusses the importance of mindset and organisation.


Episode 4 - Bernard Savage

In this episode, Stephen speaks with Bernard Savage, Director of Size 10½ Boots, to demystify Business Development and all it involves.


Episode 3 - Stephen Gold

In this edition of the Your Law Firm Success podcast Stephen Moore chats to Stephen Gold. Stephen eponymous Golds Solicitors was one of the most disruptive law firms at the turn of the millennium.


Episode 2 - Greg Whyte

In the second episode of Your Law Firm Success, Stephen speaks with Greg Whyte, Managing Partner of Jones Whyte LLP. Expect to uncover his levers for success, lessons learned and the future of legal services.


Episode 1 - Austin Lafferty

In the first episode of Your Law Firm Success, Stephen speaks with Austin Lafferty, the original TV lawyer, and discusses how he used the media and the development of his own personal brand to deliver law firm success.


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