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My website isn't getting enough traffic

People are out there looking for your services. Find out how to get more of them to your site.

Is your law firm struggling to get noticed online?

Attracting a steady stream of potential clients to your law firm’s website can feel like a major challenge. In today’s competitive legal landscape, it is now more important than ever that your law firm can be easily found online. 

A well-crafted law firm marketing strategy is more than just getting traffic to your site; you must turn this traffic into sales and profit. If your website isn’t generating the website visitors and leads your firm needs to thrive, then you’re losing valuable opportunities.

The team at MLT Digital are here to help your legal practice overcome these digital marketing obstacles to ensure long-term success and growth. 


We can help grow your law firm's web traffic and bottom line

Don’t let other law firms attract your business. Start getting more clients through the door with SEO techniques.

Why is my legal website not getting traffic?

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of law firms and witnessed firsthand the common struggles they face to successfully drive more traffic to their websites, including:


You don’t have to face these common law firm marketing struggles alone. Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to address each of these and drive more traffic to your website. 

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation, and let us help you take your online presence to new heights.


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How we generate website traffic

We help your firm rank higher on search engines by optimising your website, improving its structure, and creating quality backlinks.

Our approach:

At MLT, we target potential clients who are actively searching for your legal services, ensuring maximum visibility and immediate results.

Our approach:

We focus on crafting engaging content that showcases your expertise, helping you build trust and authority with your target audience.

Our approach:


Here's just some of the results we've achieved for our law firm clients

conversion rate improvement after content optimisation
0 %
organic search growth after implementing local SEO campaign
0 %
increase in overall enquiries after six months with MLT
0 %

Who we help

Each area of law faces its own challenges in attracting the right audience and driving targeted traffic to their websites.

That is why we have developed specialised strategies to cater to these differences, ensuring that our services not only boost your online presence but also connect you with your ideal clients.

Here’s how our traffic-driving strategies differ for each legal sector:

Attracting clients as a commercial lawyer is completely different to other types of law.

We emphasise thought leadership and industry-specific content that showcases your expertise, while leveraging B2B marketing strategies to drive traffic from businesses in need of your legal services.

Our approach for criminal lawyers focuses on local search optimisation and creating content that addresses common concerns and legal issues.

This ensures that your website attracts potential clients searching for immediate legal representation in your area.

Our traffic-driving strategies for employment lawyers include creating content that appeals to both employers and employees.

By targeting relevant keywords and utilising PPC campaigns, we help you reach clients with specific legal needs.

We focus on empathy-driven messaging and content for family lawyers.

Our approach targets local search results and use of paid advertising to connect your firm with potential clients experiencing difficult family situations.

Our approach for personal injury law involves PPC campaigns and geo-targeted advertising to reach potential clients actively searching for representation after an accident or injury.

We also create informative content to educate visitors and encourage them to reach out.

For private client lawyers, we develop customised strategies that include creating valuable content such as estate planning, tax, and wealth management.

We also use targeted paid ad campaigns to attract high-net-worth individuals seeking your legal services.

Our traffic-driving solutions for small law firms focus on maximising local SEO, targeted content marketing, and cost-effective PPC campaigns.

Combining these marketing methods will help to increase your online visibility and attract clients who value the personalised attention and expertise of a smaller firm.

We tailor our strategies for mid-sized law firms by combining local and national SEO tactics, industry-specific content marketing, and leveraging data-driven advertising.

Our goal is to attract clients from diverse industries and practice areas, helping you stand out in search engines and connect with potential clients.



We start by conducting a thorough analysis of your law firm’s current online presence and your target audience. Then, we assess your competitors’ strategies and identify opportunities for growth.

If your law firm specialises in a particular practice area, this will also determine what approach we take with your traffic-generating strategy. 

Based on our findings, we develop a customised digital marketing plan that combines SEO, PPC, and copywriting services to effectively drive traffic to your website and attract high-quality clients. 

Unlike other marketing agencies, we only work with law firms, which means we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this industry.

We take a personalised approach, tailoring our services to your law firms’ specific needs, specialisms, and overall business objectives.

Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and best practices to ensure your law firm stays ahead of the competition. 

Yes, our digital marketing strategies can be tailored to focus on specific practice areas within your law firm.

By targeting the right keywords and curating content that is relevant to your ideal customer, we can help you attract more qualified leads to your law firm website from those who are actively seeking legal assistance in those specific legal areas. 

Even a good law firm website design that is visually appealing and showcases your legal expertise can fail to attract prospective clients.

We define great law firm websites as those that not only look the part, but know how to drive more traffic and convert visitors into clients. 

Think organic SEO, technical SEO, UX, sales funnels, link building strategies, and client reviews. These are just some of the factors that will help your law firm website climb up the search rankings and create a lasting impression on visitors.

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