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Small law firm marketing

Are you looking to scale your small law firm’s online presence?

Experienced digital marketing agency for small law firms

At MLT Digital, we specialise in crafting tailored digital marketing strategies designed specifically for small law firms like yours.

We understand the challenges faced by many small law firms in today’s digital era, but with our team of experts and their knowledge, we can make it easier for your law firm to excel in a competitive marketplace.

Our goal is to help you reach your target audience through branding and traffic-generating strategies, help you get consistent high-quality leads, and ultimately increase your firm’s revenue.


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Let us assess your current online presence and provide you with a customised marketing plan to grow your law firm and help turn website visitors into paying clients.


Common marketing challenges faced by small law firms

We understand that most small law firms have limited resources, which is why we help maximise the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to generate leads and grow your business.

Marketing a small law firm can be a challenging task, especially when competing against medium and large law firms with greater digital marketing resources.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous small law firms who were struggling with marketing challenges including: 

By taking into account your firm’s target audience, budget, and objectives, we will create a tailored marketing plan that will deliver real results to market your law firm effectively.

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Why choose our legal marketing agency?

Choosing the right agency to elevate your law firm’s digital presence is a significant decision, and we understand that it hinges on more than just promises. At MLT Digital, we combine deep industry knowledge, personalised strategies, and a relentless commitment to results to help UK medium-sized law firms like yours thrive online.


Customised strategies

We understand that each small law firm has unique marketing needs and goals that requires a bespoke marketing strategy.

That’s why we take the time to get to know your firm, during a free consultation, and develop a customised plan for your specific requirements.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a plan that meets your business objectives guaranteed to deliver results.


Data-driven approach

Our team uses advanced analytics tools to track and measure the performance of your overall marketing campaigns.

By using data to drive our decision-making, we can continually improve your marketing efforts and help your firm achieve its goals.

Our focus is on delivering measurable results and a strong return on investment in your advertising campaigns.


Active communication

At MLT we understand that clear communication is essential for a successful working, client relationship.

Our team are on hand to provide you with support to any queries or worries you may have about your digital marketing efforts.

Our goal is to establish a collaborative relationship with you based on trust and transparency.

Tailored marketing strategies for your small law firm

At MLT Digital, we understand that no two small law firms are the same. That’s why we offer a bespoke marketing strategy that is tailored to your firm’s unique needs and goals.


Our small law firm marketing services

Our team of experienced marketing professionals will work closely with you to gain better insight of your firm’s strengths, target audience, and overall law firm objectives.

Search engine optimisation

Boost your firm's online visibility and attract potential clients with our expert SEO and local SEO services.

By partnering with of our legal marketing agency, you can be sure that your website is optimised to target potential clients and showcase your expertise in your specific practice areas.

Our team of SEO experts will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that includes keyword research, content creation, link building, and website optimisation.

By implementing these SEO and local SEO tactics, MLT will help your small law firm achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), guaranteed to reach your target audience and generate more qualified leads from potential clients.

Website design and build

As a small law firm, your website often serves as your primary touchpoint with potential clients. Make sure it leaves a great impression.

A well designed law firm website can be the key opportunity to showcase your legal services to encourage potential clients to enquire with your small law firm.

Our team of experts know how to make law firm websites that focus on user-experience, with a visually appealing design, and are tailored to your firm’s specific services and target audience.

If your small law firm is looking to significantly boost visitor engagement, increase time spent on your website, and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates., get in touch with our team now to see how we can help

Content marketing

Position your law firm as an industry leader by publishing engaging, informative content that your audience will value.

Our team will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive law firm marketing strategy that includes content strategy, creation, optimisation, and distribution.

By optimising your content for relevant keywords and phrases, we’ll help your small law firm achieve higher search engine rankings and increase your online visibility to differentiate your firm against competitors.

Work with us to create and distribute high-quality content that connects with your target audience and drives new clients to your firm.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Our goal is to provide you with a strategic advantage, enabling your law firm to not only compete, but thrive online.

Our expert team of PPC specialists will work with you to create targeted paid advertising campaigns to drive more traffic to your website, generate high-quality leads and achieve your business goals through paid advertising.

As a small law firm, the financial investment required with paid advertising can be daunting, but the return on investment for your law firm’s online advertising efforts make it worth while.

From Google ads to social media ads, our team can ensure you have a steady stream of leads coming through your website.

Reputation management

Our reputation management services are designed to complement your law firm internet marketing efforts, ensuring that your online presence reflects the quality of your legal services.

Optimise your online presence with our reputation management service for small law firms, designed to complement your law firm marketing strategies and showcase your firm’s success and satisfaction of current and past clients.

By emphasising positive reviews and addressing any concerns, we help your firm build trust and credibility which, and as most law firms agree, plays a crucial role in attracting new business.

Our goal is to integrate reputation management into your law firm marketing strategies, allowing you to leverage your clients’ satisfaction to attract more high-value commercial clients.

Social media management

Build strong connections with your audience, demonstrate your legal services and grow your brand's influence through effective social media strategies.

Social media marketing for small law firms can be a key opportunity, and cost-effective strategy to build awareness and support for your law firm brand.

Social media has transformed from a simple communication tool into a potent platform for brand growth and client engagement. For small law firms, social media marketing presents a cost-effective strategy that offers unparalleled opportunities to increase brand awareness and support.

Paired with social media ads, our social media management service will not only enhance your online presence but drive traffic to your website.

Our team at MLT Digital is well-equipped and ready to help you turn your small law firm’s social media into a growth driver for your legal practice.


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