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Lead generation that attracts your ideal client

Having a steady stream of leads is key to your law firm’s success. If you’re finding it challenging to generate new clients and keep your practice thriving, you’re not alone.

The online landscape is highly competitive for the legal industry, and without the right lead generation strategies in place, capturing the attention of prospective clients can prevent your firm from consistent growth.

By optimising your website visitors’ experience and guiding them through a well-crafted sales funnel, you can successfully convert potential leads into loyal clients.

Our expertise in legal marketing will help you overcome these hurdles and secure a strong online presence that consistently attracts quality leads. 


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We can help you elevate your law firm’s online presence and visibility on search engines with our optimised law firm websites – take the first step towards lead generation success by contacting us today!

Why is my law firm website not generating leads?

Generating leads can be a challenging process for law firms. By understanding and addressing the pitfalls in your current legal marketing strategy, you can significantly improve your firm’s lead generation efforts.

As a legal marketing agency with 20+ years of experience, some of the most common struggles we have seen law firms face when trying to attract more leads include:

Our legal marketing agency specialises in helping law firms overcome these challenges and create tailored, high-converting marketing campaigns.

If you are ready to start generating consistent, qualified leads for your law firm, get in touch with MLT Digital today.


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How we generate leads to your law firm website

By optimising your website for search engines, you’ll rank higher in search results and drive more targeted traffic to your site. 

Our approach:

Investing in strategic paid advertising campaigns will place your firm at the forefront of your target audience’s search results. 

Our approach:

Our lead generation strategies are designed to capture the attention of potential clients and convert them into high-quality leads. 

Our approach:


Here's just some of the results we've achieved for our law firm clients

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organic search growth after implementing local SEO campaign
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increase in overall enquiries after six months with MLT
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Who we help

At MLT Digital, we understand that each legal sector has unique needs and target audiences.

That’s why we’ve crafted tailored marketing approaches for each sector, combining our expertise in branding, content marketing, web design, SEO, and PPC to generate leads that truly matter.

Discover how we help law firms across various sectors grow their businesses through our tailored lead generation strategies:

With a focus on businesses and corporate clients, our content marketing strategies showcase your expertise and thought leadership.

We also implement targeted SEO and PPC campaigns to ensure your firm is easily discoverable by potential clients.

Targeting individuals in need of immediate legal assistance, we create a strong online presence through web design and SEO optimisation.

Additionally, our PPC campaigns ensure your firm stays top-of-mind for those seeking urgent help.

We help you reach both employees and employers by creating informative and engaging content that highlights your firm’s experience in resolving employment disputes.

Our SEO efforts ensure your firm ranks high in search results, while our PPC campaigns target key demographics.

Understanding the sensitive nature of family law cases, our branding and web design services emphasise your firm’s empathy and professionalism.

We also leverage content marketing to showcase your expertise and utilise SEO and PPC to attract clients facing family-related legal issues.

By creating compelling content that highlights your firm’s success stories, we help build trust with potential clients.

Our targeted SEO and PPC campaigns ensure your firm is easily discoverable by those seeking legal assistance for personal injury cases.

Focusing on high-net-worth individuals, we use a combination of branding, content marketing, and web design to showcase your firm’s expertise in estate planning, tax, and wealth management.

Our SEO and PPC strategies help you reach the right audience and generate quality leads.

Our traffic-driving solutions for small law firms focus on maximising local SEO, targeted content marketing, and cost-effective PPC campaigns.

Combining these marketing methods will help to increase your online visibility and attract clients who value the personalised attention and expertise of a smaller firm.

We tailor our strategies for mid-sized law firms by combining local and national SEO tactics, industry-specific content marketing, and leveraging data-driven advertising.

Our goal is to attract clients from diverse industries and practice areas, helping you stand out in search engines and connect with potential clients.


Lead generation FAQs

We focus on generating high-quality leads by employing targeted marketing strategies that appeal specifically to your ideal clients.

By understanding your practice areas, location, and target audience, we create bespoke campaigns that resonate with the people most likely to need your legal services.

This targeted approach helps to ensure that the leads generated for your law firm are not only plentiful, but also relevant and valuable.

We measure the success of our lead generation efforts using a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs), including website traffic, conversion rates, cost per lead, and return on investment (ROI).

By monitoring these metrics, we can continually assess the effectiveness of our strategies and make data-driven adjustments to optimise results.

Regular reporting and communication with your law firm ensure that you are always informed about the progress and success of our lead generation campaigns.

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