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Deploy Search Engine Optimisation to rank prominently for popular key phrases related to the services you offer.

Outrank your legal competition with law firm SEO

As a UK-based SEO agency with over 20 years of experience, we specialise in helping law firms improve their online visibility and reach the top of Google’s search engine rankings.

Our comprehensive services include on-site and off-site optimisation techniques, content marketing, local SEO, and link-building services.

Our SEO services for law firms are designed to help you reach more prospective clients by enhancing your visibility on Google search and other search engines in the legal industry.

We help our clients track progress and provide regular reports to monitor improvements in SEO ranking factors.

Instruct MLT Digital (formerly Moore Legal Technology) to handle your law firm SEO to ensure that your law firm website achieves maximum visibility.



Our SEO services will help you outrank the competition and drive new business

If you want your law firm to stand out online, MLT is the legal marketing agency you need.


Implement legal SEO and boost your firm's enquiries

Don’t let your firm get lost in the sea of search results. Our team of SEO experts will help improve your website’s visibility, drive more traffic to your site, and ultimately generate more leads for your law firm. With over two decades of experience in legal SEO, we know what it takes to make you stand out on Google’s search engine results pages. 


Get ahead with higher rankings

In today’s digital age, appearing above your competitors in search engine results pages is key to success.

With MLT’s tried-and-tested law firm SEO techniques, you can outrank your competition and attract more potential clients to your law firm.

Don’t get left behind – get ahead of the game with higher search engine rankings today.


Dominate the legal market

Your potential clients are searching for legal services online, and we can help you be the first name they see.

Leverage our expertise in legal SEO, on-site and off-site optimisation techniques, content marketing, and link-building services to help your firm secure more business.

Improve your presence in search results and ensure prospective clients find your firm before your competitors.



Put your law firm on the map

Using our proven local SEO strategies, we’ll optimise your law firm website and Google Business Profile to rank higher than your competitors and get your website noticed by potential clients who are searching for firms like yours nearby.

Our team of experts have the skills to make your website stand out in both Google search and local search results.


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SEO service for lawyers

At our law firm marketing agency, we provide a comprehensive SEO service designed to elevate your online visibility and attract your ideal clients. This process not only maximises your digital exposure, but also connects your firm with potential clients by tying your online presence to relevant searches. 

Keyword research

High-value keywords for greater client engagement

Keyword research for law firms involves analysing search engine data to identify the words and phrases that your target audience uses when looking for legal services.

By understanding which keywords are most popular, we can ensure your website content aligns with user intent in order to increase the visibility of your law practice and attract more visitors to your website.

On-page SEO

Enhance site performance with tried-and-tested techniques

On-page SEO is the process of optimising each page of your law firm’s website to rank higher in search engine results. This includes optimising title tags, headings, meta descriptions, content, and image alt tags for your practice area pages.

On-page SEO is an essential component of any successful law firm’s digital marketing strategy as it helps search engines understand the page’s content, leading to higher rankings in search engine results.

Off-page SEO

Cultivate valuable connections for a strong online presence

Off-page SEO focuses on building relationships with other websites, creating content that is valuable and engaging, and increasing the number of high quality backlinks pointing to your website.

These activities help to establish your website as an authority in its field, and lead to higher rankings in search engine results for your law firm’s services. Our off-page SEO tactics include guest blogging, link building, and directory submissions.

Local SEO

Optimise locally to connect with your community

A comprehensive SEO campaign goes further than looking at on-page and off-page SEO. Local SEO focuses on optimising Google maps listings for local search.

By incorporating local SEO into your search engine optimisation strategy, you attract potential clients in your surrounding areas, appearing prominently in searches for “lawyers near me” and in local listings.

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Lawyer SEO FAQs

The time it takes for SEO to work can vary depending on several factors, such as the website’s age, competition, target keywords, and the SEO strategies used. In general, it can take anywhere from several weeks to several months for SEO efforts to yield significant results.

The cost of law firm SEO varies depending on several factors such as the size of the law firm, the competition in the target market, the complexity of the SEO strategy, and the number of services targeted. You can view our pricing here.

Yes, your law firm needs SEO if you want to attract more clients through online search. SEO will help your law firm increase visibility and rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can lead to more website traffic, leads, and clients.

While it’s possible to do your law firm’s SEO yourself, it’s not always the best idea, especially if you lack experience or expertise in SEO.


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Increase in organic search enquires of 170%

Increase in organic search enquiry growth of 300%

Organic enquiries up 74+% driven via local SEO


Specialist SEO service for solicitors

We specialise in helping small to medium-sized law firms like yours to improve their online visibility, drive more targeted traffic, and increase client leads. To achieve SEO success, partner with our law firm SEO marketing agency today.

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