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Should I incorporate FAQs on my law firm website?

FAQs and understanding the modern client


Today, we delve into a pivotal question many law firms grapple with: Should your website include an FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section? Let’s unpack this topic. 

Before we make a judgment, it’s essential to understand who your potential clients are. Recent data reveals that the Gen Z and Millennial populations are increasingly seeking legal services. They come with unique characteristics: 
  • Digital natives: These generations have grown up with technology. For them, sourcing information online is second nature. By doing their own research, these generations are more likely to shop around, read reviews, compare services/prices etc.  
  • Self-help enthusiasts: Gen Z and Millennials value the ability to solve issues on their own, with 60% of GenZ respondents saying they would rather use self-help sections like FAQs or knowledge bases before they reach out to a customer service representative. They’re quick to look for answers on their own before making a call or sending an email.  
Given these traits, it’s evident that these groups could benefit immensely from an FAQs section on a law firm’s website. But, is catering to them reason enough to include FAQs? Let’s explore further. 

Benefits of an FAQ section

As stated earlier, law firms can attract younger clients who prefer self-help options by providing answers to common questions. However, there are several other positive reasons to incorporate FAQs on your website, such as: 

Positioning your law firm as a thought leader

An FAQs section can showcase a law firm’s expertise in its specialised areas. When potential clients see well-thought-out answers, it instils trust and portrays the firm as a leader in its field. 

FAQs and the positive impact on your SEO

FAQs can be a goldmine for SEO (search engine optimisation). Search engines, like Google, prioritise content that answers users’ questions directly, and an FAQ section is naturally geared to match these search queries. They often contain keywords and long-tail search queries that potential clients might use and therefore can improve a website’s visibility on search engines. 

Efficiency in client interaction

FAQs can pre-emptively address common queries, saving time for both the client and your law firm Instead of fielding the same questions repeatedly, your staff can direct clients to the FAQ section for quick answers. This streamlines the interaction process, allowing your team to focus on more specific and complex enquiries. 

Ease of website navigation

An organised FAQs section can guide potential clients to relevant parts of the website, such as service pages, team profiles, or contact forms.

Gen Z FAQs statistic 2023

Potential downsides to law firm FAQs

While the appeal of a shiny new website is undeniable, there are considerations to ponder: 

  • Brand consistency: Constantly changing your design can confuse recurring clients or those familiar with your brand. Consistency builds trust and is key in the legal world. 
  • SEO ramifications: A redesign, if not done right, can affect your search engine rankings. SEO equity built over the years can be at risk. 
  • Cost and time: Comprehensive redesigns require resources. Is the ROI worth it, especially if your current design is performing adequately? 

The verdict: do or don't incorporate FAQs?

Given the advantages, especially in catering to the younger generation, it’s a firm “Do”. However, it comes with a caveat. Law firms should prioritise maintaining an updated, organised, and relevant FAQs section that truly adds value to the user experience. 

Law firms ready to embark on this journey can consider the following steps: 

  1. Collate common queries: Start by listing the questions clients often ask. 
  2. Segment by relevance: Organise these questions by topics or service areas. 
  3. Review regularly: Set a periodic review to ensure all answers remain current and accurate. 
  4. Integrate with other site sections: Ensure FAQs link to related content or service pages, providing a seamless user journey. 

By striking the right balance, law firms can harness the power of FAQs to boost their online presence, attract a wider client base, and establish themselves as leaders in their domain. Stay tuned for our next ‘do or don’t?’ piece! 

If you’re thinking about starting an FAQs section on your law firm website or you would like our help with your digital marketing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can complete the online enquiry form or give us a call on 0333 344 2722 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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