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Should I redesign my law firm website regularly?


In the world of digital marketing, the website stands as the online headquarters of any business – the face of your firm in a vast digital space. But as with all things digital, evolution is constant.

This brings us to an oft-asked question: should law firms undergo regular website redesigns? 

The evolution of the digital world and redesigns

Digital design, user experience (UX) principles, and user expectations change regularly. What was sleek and modern two years ago can appear outdated today. As technology advances and design principles evolve, it’s tempting to consider a complete overhaul to keep up with the times. 

There are many benefits to looking into redesigning your law firm’s website, but from our experience, the top five reasons are: 

  1. To help your law firm stay modern,  
  2. Improve your UX,  
  3. Optimise your site for new tech, 
  4. Enhanced security, and  
  5. Alignment with marketing goals.  

Stay modern

With a fresh design, you’re communicating to your potential clients that your firm is up-to-date, not just in design but in your legal practices too. A contemporary website aesthetic speaks volumes. In a world where first impressions are often made online, a modern site design can convey that your firm is progressive and in tune with current trends. 

Consider the shift from cluttered, text-heavy designs of the early 2000s to the minimalist, image-centric designs of today. A firm with a sleek, updated website design might be perceived as more in-touch and relevant compared to one with a dated, congested interface. 

Improved user experience

As design principles evolve, UX is increasingly prioritised. An intuitive layout, smooth navigation, and accessible information improve the overall user experience, making it more likely for potential clients to engage. 

Suppose a user visits two law firm websites: one has a complicated menu system, requiring multiple clicks to find services, while the other offers a straightforward, dropdown menu with clear service categories. The latter is likely to retain the visitor longer due to its superior UX. 

Optimised for new tech

Ensure your law firm website looks and functions optimally across all the latest devices and browsers. As technology advances, websites need to adapt. Whether it’s optimising for new devices, ensuring compatibility with the latest web browsers, or integrating with emerging digital tools, periodic redesigns can ensure your website isn’t left behind. 

One of the most known examples of this was the rise of smartphones, which led to the necessity for mobile-responsive design. A law firm website redesigned to adapt smoothly to mobile devices will offer a better experience to a large subset of users who browse primarily on their phones, thus potentially capturing more leads. 

Enhanced security

With the digital landscape comes the ever-present threat of cyberattacks. Regularly updating or redesigning your website can ensure its fortified with the latest security measures. 

Older website platforms or plugins might have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. By redesigning and updating to the latest secure versions, a law firm can better protect sensitive client information and maintain trust. 

Alignment with marketing goals

As your firm grows and evolves, so do its objectives and target audience. Redesigning can realign your website with your current marketing goals, ensuring a coherent message and strategy. 

If a law firm decides to specialize more in family law rather than a broad spectrum of legal services, a redesign can highlight this specialization, tailor content to address the target demographic, and ensure the firm’s expertise in the area shines through. 

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The problems with redesigning your law firm website

While the appeal of a shiny new website is undeniable, there are considerations to ponder: 

  • Brand consistency: Constantly changing your design can confuse recurring clients or those familiar with your brand. Consistency builds trust and is key in the legal world. 
  • SEO ramifications: A redesign, if not done right, can affect your search engine rankings. SEO equity built over the years can be at risk. 
  • Cost and time: Comprehensive redesigns require resources. Is the ROI worth it, especially if your current design is performing adequately? 

Striking a balance: Redesign vs periodic updates

Instead of a full-scale redesign for your firm’s website every few years, we would recommend periodic updates. Tweak design elements, refresh content, and ensure the backend tech is updated.

This way, your law firm website remains current without the need for a complete overhaul, preserving brand consistency and SEO value. 

The decision to redesign isn’t one to be taken lightly. While staying modern and user-friendly is paramount, it’s essential to ensure that the brand’s essence remains consistent. As with many things in the digital realm, the key lies in balance.  

Keep your site updated, ensure it serves its primary function of client engagement effectively, and always keep your brand’s core identity at the forefront. 

If you would like advice on your law firm’s website or a free website audit, phone us on 0333 344 2722, or complete the online enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you right away. 

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