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Gavin Ward

Gavin Ward

Gavin Ward

Projects Director

As MLT’s Projects Director, I help establish and maintain best-in-class project delivery, client service and performance standards.

My work revolves around blending AI-enhanced marketing strategies with deep legal expertise to drive growth and success for law firms. With a recent Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) qualification, I have helped hone our development methodology, ensuring that we’re at the cutting edge of legal marketing innovation.

My journey in the legal field began at Maclay Murray & Spens LLP (now part of Dentons), which provided a solid foundation for my subsequent role at MLT, where I’ve been helping our excellent law firm clients succeed since 2010.

My passion for digital engagement, evidenced by the success of my legal blogs ‘WardBlawg‘ and ‘Five Fantastic Lawyers’ (formerly YouBlawg), has been a driving force in my career. Pioneering in the online legal space, I grew its monthly visitors to 20k+ (over 1 million to date) and built a social media following of 50k+. This early foray into digital marketing post-qualification as a lawyer was relatively unheard of at the time. Joining my boss Stephen Moore who was also a former lawyer turned legal sector entrepreneur who had already been there and achieved success with other online businesses sparked my dedication to helping law firms harness the internet for lead generation.

I’m committed to empowering the very best lawyers to expand their reach and enhance their online presence. My role involves closely working with our team and clients to help firms succeed in competitive environments.

In my role as Projects Director, I help align client needs with strategic objectives to achieve specific commercial goals, with a focus on delivering exceptional results and maximising ROI for our clients, all through an increasing level of innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) in SEO, PPC and lead management.

Away from work, I love spending time with my family, Lucy and Rory, and play tennis, golf, piano and guitar. My dogs, Rodger and Rizzo, are also regulars at our office, enjoying meeting our team and clients.

Favourite Quote

"Aim for the moon; if you miss you'll land among the stars."

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