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Leveraging AI for your legal practice

In this insights piece we explore six prompt examples to try today. 

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Six prompt examples for you to try today

In a recent LinkedIn post, taking inspiration from Matt Gray and Jared Lesar, we shared six AI prompt suggestions for lawyers with a handwritten note (illustration below). 


Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) has become essential for staying competitive and efficient in legal practice. As a legal marketing agency at the forefront of incorporating AI into our services, we understand the transformative power and potential it holds for legal professionals.  

In this insights piece, we examine six strategic AI prompt suggestions tailored to empower lawyers in various aspects of their practice and navigate any complexities they may face. We have added additional prompts, thanks to discussions on LinkedIn from lawyers and other professionals who responded. 

1. Summarise this for a lay person...

In the legal field, time is critical, and effective communication must be concise and precise. AI can streamline this process by generating concise summaries of complex legal documents or case briefs.

For instance, imagine a busy lawyer needing to distil a lengthy court opinion into a few key points for a client update. By utilising AI-powered summarisation tools, they can quickly extract and communicate the essential information, saving valuable time and ensuring clarity for lawyers.

2. Provide counter arguments for the following...

Legal arguments often require a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the issue. AI can assist lawyers in anticipating and crafting effective counter arguments by analysing vast amounts of legal data and precedents.

For example, suppose a defence solicitor or barrister is preparing for trial and needs to anticipate potential rebuttals for their case strategy.

AI algorithms can sift through case law, statutes, legal databases and other materials to identify strong counterarguments, enabling the legal professional to fortify their position and better advocate for their client.

It’s important, though, that a person with enough legal experience reviews and edits the output from AI first though in such a situation.

3. Draft a short, simple email about...

Effective communication is the cornerstone of client relationships, and AI can aid lawyers in crafting clear and concise emails. Whether it’s following up on a client meeting or providing updates on a matter, AI-powered email drafting tools can help lawyers communicate more efficiently.

For instance, a lawyer representing a corporate client may need to send a brief email summarising the status of ongoing work. AI can assist in drafting a professional and informative message, ensuring the client stays informed and engaged.

4. Prepare a meeting agenda based on the following: ...

Successful meetings require careful planning and organisation, and AI can streamline this process by generating customised agendas tailored to the specific objectives of the meeting.

For example, imagine a legal team preparing for a strategy session to discuss an upcoming matter. AI algorithms can analyse relevant materials, deadlines, and key discussion points to generate a comprehensive meeting agenda.

This ensures that everyone is aligned and focused on achieving the desired outcomes.

5. I am an X lawyer, in Y, Z. Draft a local marketing plan

AI can revolutionise legal marketing by providing data-driven insights and personalised strategies tailored to specific practice areas and geographic locations.

For example, a family lawyer in Glasgow can use AI to identify clients in need of family legal assistance.

This can be achieved through market analysis, defining your target audience, branding and positioning, implementing specific marketing strategies including local SEO, content optimisation, networking and community outreach.

Your AI generated local marketing plan should also include, measurement and evaluation, compliance and ethics and budget allocation. AI can help craft a targeted local marketing plan to reach and engage prospective clients effectively.

6. I practice X law; how could we gain more clients?

AI can play a key role in expanding a legal practice by identifying opportunities for client acquisition and retention.

For instance, a personal injury lawyer seeking to increase their client base may leverage AI-powered lead generation tools to identify individuals who have been involved in accidents and may require legal representation.

By analysing online behaviour and social media data, AI can pinpoint potential clients and facilitate targeted outreach efforts, ultimately driving business growth.

For instance, a personal injury lawyer seeking to increase their client base may leverage AI-powered lead generation tools to:

  • Develop a comprehensive overview to enhance online presence (website, content and social media)
  • Devise a local SEO strategy, networking and partnership opportunities
  • Outline thought leadership and speaking engagements
  • Create a targeted paid advertising campaign, outline a client referral programme
  • Recommend gathering client testimonials and case studies
  • Create email marketing campaigns and
  • Recommend continuous evaluation and adaptation

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your visibility, credibility, and client base in commercial law within the Manchester area.

NB: Never put confidential information into ChatGPT, Copilot or other AI machine and check your work thoroughly (even if it takes you twice as long – Inkster’s Law. But the output could be even better. And refer to your firm’s IT/marketing/AI policy or management as appropriate. 

Other prompts to use based on comments

Jawad Raja-Azhar tells us: “The two I use often are: –

Please rephrase this: XYZ

Please make this professional: XYZ

As you can imagine, the second one is used more for when my true words express the incompetencies of the recipient or involve descriptive language!!!”

Laura Jeffords Greenberg explains her process: “I have lots! I would categorise my prompts more as different strategies or approaches. The more information you provide, the better your results.

But here are some of my favourites to be used after providing the LLM instructions or your request and specific information related to the request:

– Tell me what you need to do this
– Let’s reason through this step-by-step
– Check for any logical inconsistencies
– Generate as many arguments, counter arguments, and solutions to the two positions as possible

But the one I use the most: – Please check this for typos and grammatical issues. 😂”

Victoria Moffat Chart PR states her opinion:

“I find the whole AI / ChatGPT field fascinating. I think Google and other search engines are likely to have a real conundrum with regards to protecting IP and ownership of content and how it can / should be used by the likes of ChatGPT (also see New York Times suing OpenAI and Microsoft).

I’ll be very interested to see how they seek to protect individual / corporate rights. Or if they’ll leave it to the publisher/owner and AI companies to slug out in court.

As a content creator, do I want other agency owners to benefit from my created content so they can pass as legal experts like me? No, of course, not – but how can I protect my content whilst also promoting the business? So interesting!”

Incorporating AI

Embracing AI in legal practice isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about empowering lawyers to deliver exceptional service.

By integrating AI tools into their workflows and daily routines, legal professionals at all levels – Partner, Associates, Paralegals, Junior Lawyers, Secretaries, Receptionists etc – can streamline tasks, enhance communication, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

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