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How law firms can beat their competitors

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Improve leads and beat your competition

Law firms have faced many challenges due to changes in the legal sector, such as new types of legal service, law firm mergers, and pricing pressures. 

The good news is there are a number of ways that your law firm can use the internet, cheaply and effectively, to significantly improve its business leads and beat competition.

Lights, camera, action!

It is widely accepted that content has become more important than ever for firms and businesses. While written content that is both cognisant of keywords and provides helpful answers to the user continues to be a critical part of your firm’s online marketing strategy

It is necessary to also acknowledge the rise of interactive content and video marketing for law firms.

Video is far from a new phenomenon; social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have been experimenting with auto-played videos and video advertisements for some time now. The important point to note is that Google now recognises video content in its search engine algorithm.

Additionally, Google takes into account the amount of time a user spends on your website and rewards well-performing sites with better rankings, hence why video has experienced rapid growth.

TIP: Creating bite-sized, interactive content will give your website a boost in search engine rankings. 

A ‘welcome’ clip on your homepage or, even better, one video on each page describing your firm’s main services are a great way of breaking down barriers and establishing trust as long as they are done in an informal, natural way.

This content can be reused for service pages, blog posts, and redistributed on other channels to increase awareness. Video content is also excellent for user experience – it can make a more lasting impression, if often more engaging, and is typically easier to digest.

Mobile-first: Ensure your law firm's website is responsive

Gone are the days of viewing an item/service on your phone but completing the purchase on a laptop. Put simply, if your website is not responsive on mobile/tablet then you could be losing out on a number of new business leads for your law firm. Google prioritises mobile content.

Today, it is imperative that a website is as easy to navigate on a mobile and tablet as it is on a desktop. An overall responsive site on all devices helps to combat a high bounce rate (leaving a site without navigating away from the landing page) and subsequently improve search engine rankings.

Google also give preference to mobile-optimised sites when presenting results for searches, so ensuring your site is responsive on all devices is vital.

Paid advertising

If you want to get enquiries quickly via the Internet, the best way of doing that is by paying for it. The speed at which you begin ranking in organic search engine results is dictated by a number of factors such as the age of your site, its perceived authority, and the type of content you have available on it. 

So, if you have a new firm and a new site, it’s going to take some time. This is where paid advertising, or as it’s commonly referred to,  ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC), comes in.

A PPC campaign can open up a wealth of opportunities for your firm, now more than ever. Allocating a portion of your online marketing budget for paid adverts in the coming year is certainly a sensible move. 

Developments in sophisticated legal web design

The structure and functionality of your website should be straightforward and attractive in order to improve user experience. From a web design point of view, we have seen firms’ online enquiries increase after improvements to its branding.

A website visitor will form an opinion of your brand in less than two-tenths of a second which goes to show how important it is to consider how your website is perceived.

Design shapes the perception of a website and thus the brand associated to it. In terms of a website design, the importance of an aesthetically pleasing, modern, easy-to-navigate site is vital for your brand.


Get the best possible online strategy for your firm

If your firm effectively deploys a number of online marketing techniques, your business leads will significantly increase. More people are online searching for your services than ever before.

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