Ruwanthi Sulanjali


Ruwanthi Sulanjali

UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer

I joined MLT as a UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer in April 2024.

My approach to design is comprehensive, always considering the bigger picture and adhering to the User-Centered Design (UCD) methodology.

My career began after earning a Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Communication Design in 2015.

For over seven years, I served as an Associate Lead Designer at a global IT company, specializing in web page and email design and front-end developments, visual brand identity creation, user behavior analysis, and enhancing design processes based on user statistics.

I have a particular affinity for designs that emphasize simplicity and clarity.

I also work as a Clinical Demonstrator in HCI and UI/UX at Glasgow Caledonian University, where I completed my MSc in User Experience and Interaction Design (MSc UXID) with Distinction.

In addition to my professional work, I am an avid blogger, regularly sharing insights on UX and design trends. My writings have been featured on renowned platforms, and I have spoken at the ParDreamin’ conference.

I’m a fitness enthusiast passionate about rowing, hiking, basketball, and creating detailed drawings.

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