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Murray Mathieson – Mindset and organisation


In the fifth episode of the Your Law Firm Success podcast, Stephen meets with Murray Mathieson of Positively Legal. Listen as they explore two simple things to change to transform your practice, your life and your state of mind. Listen here: Watch here: Transcript my name is Stephen Moore and I’m the presenter of the […]

Bernard Savage – Demystifying business development for professional service firms


In episode 4 of the Your Law Firm Success podcast Stephen talks to Bernard Savage of Size Ten and a Half Boots and debunks the myths often associated with what is required to be a good business developer. Bernard, an expert Business Development Consultant for professional services firms of all sizes, provides tips and guidance […]

Stephen Gold – Achieving my own law firm success & helping others achieve theirs


In this edition of the Your Law Firm Success podcast, Stephen Moore chats to Stephen Gold. Stephen eponymous Golds Solicitors was one of the most disruptive law firms at the turn of the millennium. Stephen explains how they identified their market, honed their service, eradicated the unnecessary and grew their firm until their ultimate integration […]

Greg Whyte – From 0 to 254 staff in 10 years


In episode two of Your Law Firm Success, Stephen speaks with Greg Whyte, Managing Partner of Jones Whyte, to discuss levers of success, lessons learned, the importance of culture and the future of legal services.  Listen here:  Watch here:  Transcript as long as my name is Steven Moore and I’m the presenter of the your […]

Austin Lafferty – Using your personal brand to build your law firm


In the first episode of Your Law Firm Success, Stephen speaks with Austin Lafferty, the original TV lawyer, and discusses how he used the media and the development of his own personal brand to deliver law firm success. Listen here: Watch here:  Transcript Hi, my name is Stephen Moore from MLT digital. I’m here today […]

Introduction to Your Law Firm Success with Stephen Moore


Welcome to Your Law Firm Success, the podcast that brings you the insights and inspiration you need to build the law firm of your dreams. Hosted by Stephen Moore, founder of MLT Digital, Your Law Firm Success is dedicated to helping partners, lawyers, and professionals in small to medium-sized law firms achieve their goals.  In […]

Getting started with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for lawyers

Chat about Artificial Intelligence (AI) is literally everywhere at the moment, and I’ve been finding it a bit overwhelming. It’s almost impossible to go anywhere, or do anything, without either hearing or being involved in chat about AI.  A few weekends ago, I was in Dublin with my family. My brother-in-law, who is a film/tv […]

Podcast humiliation: lessons learned

“That is really awful”, said my friend. I was sitting at a restaurant on holiday with a number of friends and they were all laughing. Not with me, but at me. They were really cackling. What was the trigger for their laughter? My initial podcasting efforts. I have to say it stung a bit but […]

5 sources of comfort, learning, and inspiration from 2022

5 sources of comfort

2022 was a fairly tumultuous year for everyone I think. We emerged, blinking, either fitter or fatter, into a post-covid life. It was about a year ago that we first started paying attention to the Russian Military’s presence on the Ukraine border. Military manoeuvres apparently. Shortly afterwards Russia invaded Ukraine in one of the most […]

The importance of increasing your law firm’s average fee value


Why do American law firms in the UK make much more money than their UK counterparts? According to a recent article in the Times, partners at US law firms in London generate 25% more profit than their English counterparts, with some achieving a net profit margin of more than 70%. But how do they do […]